Andrew Garber, MS, LMFT, CH - President

Significant Influences

Keys to Personal Wellness & Success

The Garber Counseling Center has been influenced by many…

We chose a few of their most
influential quotes to share with you…

“People are geared toward growth, change and are capable of all kinds of transformation. All human beings carry with them all of the resources they need to flourish.” - Virginia Stair

“Life consists only in the present moment, we move toward improvement. On the other hand, if we do not know how to deal with it, then the chances for improvement are slim indeed.” - Rudolf Driekers, M.D.

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“There are five significant components to human nature. We are physical, intellectual, emotional, sexual and spiritual. By spiritual, I mean our harmonious connectedness with all other beings. We are complex creatures experiencing life in all of these five dimensions. When we are born into this world we sense that we are inherently perfect human beings. We are alive possessing vast intelligence, a zest for life & a burning desire to be in relationship with other human beings… but, something goes wrong…drastically wrong…we get hurt!” - Charlie Kriner

“When adequate emotional discharge can take place, the person is freed from the rigid pattern of behavior and feeling left by the hurt. The basic loving, cooperative, intelligent and zestful nature is then free to operate. Such a person will tend to be more effective in looking out for his or her own interests and the interests of others, and will be more capable of acting successfully…” - The International Re-evaluation Counseling Communities.

“We needlessly cling to the beliefs that limit our ability to be happy and cloud us of the truths that will set us free…we can rise above this programming by embracing the Four Agreements and practicing them on a daily basis…they are…Be Impeccable With Your Word; Don’t Take Anything Personally; Don’t Make Assumptions; & Always Do Your Best.” - M. Thorhallsson quoting Dr. Don Miguel Ruiz, “The Four Agreements”

“People can change… they simply have a burning desire for someone to believe in them.” - Ms. Barbara Martin

“When I observe other people I see individual humans with character traits not foreign to my own. There is an unlimited number of ways we can express our fears, as well as, unlimited ways to face them. Every man is a mirror to each other and, more especially, a window to himself.” – Andrew Garber

“There are people in our lives, from time to time… Who occupy a place almost sublime, Whom God has blessed with wisdom, and the heart… That seeks to heal what others tear apart, Who recognizes grief, and fear, and pain… And seeks to intervene that we may gain, A courage and perspective that begets… The will to overcome and try again, I pray that if you will need someone you’ll find… God will supply your need, as He did mine.” - Ms. Amber Dickson
“The Healers” from her “A Little Leavening” Collection