Andrew Garber, MS, LMFT, CH - President

Our Services & Fees

Keys to Personal Wellness & Success

Professional Psychotherapy, Therapy and/or Counseling

Our desire is to consistently encourage people to discover, accept & invest in their own talents & strengths. We offer our clients the opportunity to overcome any of the roadblocks that would otherwise continue to keep them “stuck!” Personal doubts, resentments, regrets and fears are roadblocks to growth & success. These roadblocks are generally a result of past hurts. We, therefore responsibly provide a safe & encouraging setting for clients to write and live their therapeutic contract, as they heal their emotional & cognitive hurts. Our clients discover their courage, their capability and their own personal power. We discover how successful we humans can be when we consciously re-decide to make things happen by re-writing our blueprints, our personal life script! In order to assure the continuity of quality service we offer the concept of “extended therapy” sessions whereby our sessions are structured to afford clients
additional time to do their work in a timely manner.

Individual, Couple and/or Family Therapy

Clients may contract for session length for whatever amount of time they want. Sessions are usually 60 minutes. A 60-minute time unit fee is $120, therefore a 90 minute session fee, for example, would be $180, and so on. This equation of fee per unit of time holds true for all services, except our intake session fee which is $140 for 80 minutes as noted below.

  • Initial (Intake Assessment) Session

    The Initial Session, considered to be an Initial or “Intake” Session, includes the completion of basic forms/data collection, personal introductions, a clear explanation of the therapy process and client-therapist contract, initial information gathering, identification of the reason for therapy, the establishment of goals & objectives & the acknowledgement of potential timely solutions.
    Session Length: 80 minutes. Our Service Fee is: $140.

  • Sessions following the Initial Intake Assessment

    Continued therapy sessions include: on-going problem assessment, progress/goal review, therapeutic dialogue interaction & techniques, as well as, processing the positive changes.
    Session Length: 60 minutes. Our Service Fee is: $120.


  • The Initial Hypnotherapeutic Intake/Assessment & Induction

    As in the case of a routine therapy assessment, the Hypnotherapy Intake Assessment includes introductions, initial information gathering, goal establishment, in addition to, a thorough overview of the hypnotherapy process, and the establishment of trust, safety & rapport, a hypnotherapeutic relaxation induction during the session, as well as, a personalized script writing process (which occurs after the session is completed and in preparation of the follow-up session.) Therefore, the hypnotherapy intake assessment session lasts 90-100 minutes with an additional 30 – 45 minutes of post session personalized therapeutic script writing. During this process our desire is to clarify the participant’s goals, begin to develop the initial strategies of achieving the presented goals & to provide a safe atmosphere so the participant will feel, confident, competent, relaxed & focused. In summary, the Initial Intake Assessment Session includes basic introductions, initial information exchange & gathering of information (including a thorough discussion of hypnotherapy, specific goal setting, and a presentation of relaxation techniques.
    Session Length: 90 minutes. / Our Service Fee is: $160.

  • Follow-up Hypnotherapy Sessions

    Hypnotherapy Sessions include the on-going re-establishment of trust, safety & rapport, setting preparation, relaxation induction, therapeutic anchoring, suggestions and re-decisions, reorientation to full consciousness and therapeutic processing. We also combine traditional counseling & therapy concepts & procedures with the hypnosis to assure and strengthen each of our participant’s re-decisions and/or goal fruition.
    Session Length: 90 minutes. / Our Service Fee is: $140.

Additional Services

  • Professional Assessments

    Our clinical and diagnostic assessments are very thorough and comprehensive reports based on an organized information gathering process via structured interviews, written questionnaires and valid, reliable testing procedures. Our assessments, although non-psychological, are used as a tool for advocacy, consultative and educational purposes. We have provided assessments for Physicians, the Court System, i.e., Judges and Attorneys, as well as, for Educational Programs and Treatment Facilities.

    Our Assessments have included, however are not limited to, the following psychosocial issues:

    • Anger Management (Propensity for Aggression and/or Domestic Violence)
    • Substance Abuse/Addiction
    • Emotional Stability
    • Intra-Personal & Inter-Personal Strengths
    • Intellectual Functioning
    • Sexuality Issues (Abuse, Deviancy, etc.)
    • Parenting Skills
    • Personal Self-Regulation

    Our Assessment Service Fee Range: $850 - $1,250

  • Court Preparation & Appearances

    A thorough preparation for court testimony generally averages 5 to 6 hours. Therefore, court preparation fee is $650 per case (payment due in full prior to the clinician’s court appearance). The length of court appearances vary, therefore the client is asked to remit $120 per hour for each hour that the clinician is present in the courtroom until the clinician’s professional testimony is completed. Payment for testimony may be remitted on that day.

Payment Methods

  • Cash
  • Personal Check
  • Money Order
  • Bank Check
  • Please remember: WE DO NOT ACCEPT CREDIT and/or DEBIT CARDS.

Regarding 3rd Party Payment (Health Insurance)

  • We ask that our clients remit full payment at the time of each therapy session. In exchange,
  • We will provide the client with a thorough and accurately detailed Client Invoice for Services at the end of every third session (as preferred by insurance companies)
  • The client is asked to then forward the Invoice provided to their respective insurance provider for the purpose of attaining reimbursement.

Relevant Provider Information

  • National Provider ID#: 1932400371
  • CAQH Provider ID#: 12149765
  • Aetna Provider ID#: 5056135
  • BC/BS Provider ID#: Z4505
  • TriCare Provider ID#: 452401837

Cancellation Policy

We believe in fairness regarding cancellations. Three simple rules have we:
  • Client’s are required to provide at least 24 hours cancellation notice in non-emergency related situations.
  • Clients are responsible for 50% of the contracted service fee should the client violate the cancellation policy.
  • The clinician will forfeit 50% of the client’s following session fee should the clinician violate the cancellation policy.


Corporate/Business Services

Keys to Personal Wellness & Success

Our Mission

The Garber Counseling Center affords Corporations, Small Businesses and Professional Firms the opportunity to reach their ultimate levels of success in the following program component areas: Staff Development, Strategy Execution, Operational Procedures, Customer Relations, Performance & Productivity, and Standards of Service.

Our Methods

We provide direct, on-site, person-to-person Coaching, Training, Workshops and Seminars. We espouse to the highest standard of professional communication & education processes. We utilize Strength Based, Didactic, “Re-Decision Making” techniques. We empower individuals and maximize their human potential.

Our Commitment

The Garber Counseling Center provides 100% of the contracted services, 100% of the time…assuring our clients receive the very best service that money can buy in a timely, professional & personable manner! We value our clients!

Our Clients’ Interests

Business Ethics; Communication Strategies; Conflict Resolution; Emotional Intelligence; Skill Identification; Stress Reduction; Talent Awareness; Team Building; Time Management; Solution Focused Goal Development & Strength Based Personal Power Building, and more.

Our Corporate Services

  • Coaching

    The Premier Coaching Package: (23+ hours)

    Includes the following:
    • A 2 Hour Pre-Coaching Session with Employee, Employee’s Supervisor and Coach. This session includes Assessment, Orientation, Contract Development, Goal Planning and Scheduling.
    • Ten 80 minute Coaching Sessions, On-Site with Client - 13 Hours.
    • Periodic Phone, Text and E-mail Consults between Coach and Employee - 3 Hours maximum.
    • Exit Interview/Performance Assessment of Employee’s Progress and/or Goal Achievement & Feedback Assessment– 2 Hours.
    • Administrative Documentation and Report Writing – 3 Hours.

  • Training, Workshops & Power Seminars

    Half-Day Training: (4 hours)
    Full Day Training: (8 hours)
    Premier Training Packages: 2 Day; 3 Day; 4 Day

    Includes the following:
    • Initial Consultation/Contract Proposal & Development with Trainer & Client
    • On Site Presentations
    • Follow-up Quality Feedback Assessment